Cardano NFT artist

About me

Hello! I am Rafael Mago, I am a Venezuelan Artist, In 2019 I graduated from the University of The Andes, the Faculty of Arts. The Diploma with honours. I am also a qualified as a Graphic Designer. 


The art is my way of communicating with the world. In my work, I talk about own experiences, thoughts, doubts, fears and hopes trying to reflect my own life's path.
In addition to my experiences, my creations are inspired by night dreams as since childhood I remember most of them and I believe that dreams are the most simbolic language of our subconscious, a guide to navigate in the modern world. I use the art as a tool, like a brush for painting or any instrument to play music. My work is an attempt to connect substantiality of the world that surrounds us with elusiveness of feelings and thoughts. For that reason I describe my creations as building a bridge between the visible and the invisible.


My works are divided in five basic themes: cards, fairytales and fantasies, conceptual black and white, night dreams, and the color.